Owen Schandle

As this static, Web 1.0 nonsense clearly demonstrates, I am not a web developer. You should be happy there's even any CSS. Here, though, are some things that I am interested in:


I like taking pictures, but I don't feel like any strong philosophy guides my work. I like using primes for the aperture, the image quality, and how consistent use helps you to start considering your framing before you even bring the viewfinder up. Walk around with different primes and you see different things. These days cell phones dominate my metadata.

I like Nikon. I like Lightroom.

Buy used lenses. Visit my Flickr.

Software Development

I've always liked computers. When I was a kid I learned the basics of C, wrote stupid games for the TI-89, and spent a massive amount of time playing Mystical MUD.

Most of my professional life has been spent developing C++ desktop applications, doing basic sysadmin work, and writing scripts to automate a variety of things. Often I have some spare cycles for contract work in this area, so reach out if you're interested.

Here is my Github. There's not much on it, but my dotfiles are there to critique, and I recently wrote a Qt application designed to visualize and gather statistics about how many counties in the United States you've visited.

Here are some of my firm philosophical positions, in no particular order:

Here is a haiku I wrote that in no way reflects my perpetual experience with memory management:

Memory access
Then, something unexpected
Segmentation Fault

Frequently Asked Questions

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